Make this wickedly spooky DIY t-shirt for Halloween with this tutorial from Laura Pifer of Trash to Couture.

This versatile kid's bucket hat is a quick and easy summer project using any embroidery design of your choice ...from Laura Pifer of Trash to Couture.

Laura Pifer of Trash to Couture shows you how to sew your own garden apron and embellish with embroidery designs from Blooming Baskets by Gerri Robinson.

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Laura Pifer from Trash to Couture teaches how to choose embroidery designs for use on a knit garment, plus techniques for a beautiful embroidery project.

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Working in the garden can be a very gratifying hobby, especially if all your tools are close at hand. This gardening apron was inspired by the natural beauty of the designs in Jane’s Garden #80282.

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Turn a basic dishtowel into a perfectly practical, and fully adjustable, apron in a few simple steps. Stitch the embroidery, create a casing, run the ribbon and it is Ta-Done!

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The Chic Embellishments embroidery collection is perfect for embellishing denim. In this tutorial, you will learn how to embroider on denim, even in those hard-to-reach areas.

Embroidering tees is fun and easy when you follow a few simple guidelines. In this video tutorial, we will go over tips for embroidering the left chest of a t-shirt.

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This tutorial teaches how to make a towel wrap. Ours features Greek letters, but yours could have a school name or any embroidery design you wish. Perfect for that high school or college student.

Watch this video webinar for tips on embroidering ready-to-wear items; topics include lined clothing, jean pockets, unhoopable garments, design placement, stabilizer choice, and more.