Geometric Quilting Table Runner



Create the Topper

All seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise indicated.

Inset Border
  • Stitch two of the 4.5" small light blocks to either side of a 4.5" small print block. Repeat with the other set of 3 squares.
  • You should have two three square blocks.
  • Press towards the small print (middle).

Finish Either End
  • Stitch a medium print to one inset border. Repeat with the other inset border and medium print.
  • Press towards medium print.

Attach to Center
  • Stitch one inset border to one side of the center block. Repeat with the other inset border on the other side of the center block.
  • Press towards center.


Create a Quilt Sandwich

  • Using temporary spray adhesive, center the quilt topper to a piece of batting 3" larger on all sides to allow for hooping and binding.
  • Once smooth, using temporary spray adhesive, center the topper and batting onto a piece of backing fabric.


Quilting by Embroidery Machine

    • Print a template of your embroidery design. With a water soluble marker, draw a crosshatch to indicate the placement lines on your quilt.

    • With the grid template in your hoop top, center your quilt sandwich in the hoop according to the placement guide. Hoop and tighten the hoop screw carefully.

    • Load the hoop in the machine. Using the panel on your machine, ensure that your placement marks are centered and begin stitching the embroidery design.

  • Remove the hoop from the machine and remove from the quilt sandwich.
  • Continue these steps until satisfied with your quilting.



    • Trim batting (or batting and backing if using traditional binding) to the size of quilt top.

  • Bind in preferred manner. Because excess backing fabric is needed for hooping the project, a self binding method can be used.

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