Decorate a festive table with this fun placemat using chalkboard fabric. Or use any embroidery designs to personalize a student "homework station". Easily work on math and spelling and erase as you learn!

Choosing Minkee fabric creates a lovely soft gift for a new baby. Spell out their name or just their initials for a treasured, personalized gift.

Create a doll of a little girl's dreams. Easily personalizable, these easy and fun to make stitch 'n' turn dolls make treasured gifts.

Easy methods for embroidering on baby onesies and tips for choosing fabrics for other baby gifts.

Customize an existing hoodie with this tutorial. Learn how to replace the front pocket and add spikes down the back for a unique wearable for a child.

Spring Song by Diane Eichler is a light and colorful applique design collection. Here are a couple project ideas for using these fun designs on children's clothing.