Embroidery Essays

Trapunto or “stuffed work” is a whole cloth quilting technique that creates a raised design, and can be done by hand or machine.

The tufted satins embroidery technique is a newer embroidery technique, developed in 2011 by the artists and digitizers at OESD. Learn more about this new technique.

Candlewicking began in America by the women who traveled out to the wild and untamed West. Learn more about its history and a how to tutorial.

Cutwork Embroidery is a technique where specific areas of fabric are cut out along buttonhole stitches or satin stitch outlines. Learn more about its history and how to tutorial.

Redwork embroidery has a rich history dating back to the late nineteenth century. It is a simple style of “art needlework”. Read more about its history.

Cross-stitch is the oldest form of hand embroidery, dating back to the Middle Ages, and is found all over the world. Read more about the history of this needle art.

Want to create a fun and unique machine embroidery project? With freestanding lace, you are able to make detailed pieces such as ornaments, decorations, jewelry, and more.