Organ Needles - Ballpoint 90/14


Organ Needles - Ballpoint 90/14

  • Standard Durability: These needles should be replaced after 5-6 hours of actual sewing or embroidery time.
  • Standard Eye: The standard eye can be used with 40 weight or lighter polyester embroidery thread or with 40 weight or lighter sewing or quilting thread (cotton or polyester). Not recommended for metallics.
  • Size: A size 90/14 needle is appropriate for heavy weight fabrics.
  • Type: The ballpoint tip of the needle pushes the knit fiber to the side with each stitch instead of piercing it. This prevents breakage of the fibers which lead to small holes or runs you may see when embroidering knit fabrics.
  • Use: This needle is perfect for heavy weight knits like velour and heavy fleece.
  • Quantity: 10 needles per package.

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