All About Tufted Satins

The tufted satins embroidery technique is a newer embroidery technique, developed in 2011 by the artists and digitizers at OESD. The tufted satins are dimensional elements that enhance the total embroidery design.

Tufted satins are created by the digitizer of the embroidery design. The digitizer creates layered satin stitches from small to large with tackdowns to keep it from unraveling. After stitching out the design, use a craft knife to lightly slice through the satins being careful not to cut the fabric. It is better to repeat slicing the satins until you have achieved the desired look instead of trying to do it in one cut. This technique creates a unique, dimensional effect.

OESD has designed several tufted satins embroidery collections, which can be found under the Techniques - Tufted Satins section of this website. The collections boast of flowers, vines, Christmas trees, swirls, and birds. The latest embroidery collection is Caravan #82006, featuring 47 beautiful medallions, damask, paisleys, and Jacobean florals. Eleven of the embroidery designs showcase the tufted satins dimensional element.

Included in each of OESD’s embroidery collections featuring tufted satins are general instructions for tufted satin embroidery and tufted satin guides. The General Tufted Satin Embroidery Instructions show how to cut the satins with a craft knife. The Tufted Satin Guides tell you where the tufted satin cut areas are located on each of the embroidery designs.

There are a few designs from Layered Leaves #12485 like #12485-02 and #12485-10 which feature two different colors of thread for the tufted satins. The bottom thread layer is one color and the other layers are another color of thread. Once the tufted satin is cut, then the bottom color shows through. This creates a colorful, unique effect.

Holly Jolly Freestanding Lace Ornaments #61019 and Holly Jolly Holiday #61021 showcase freestanding lace and designs with tufted satins. They are lovely, elegant Christmas collections.

Christmas Tree Potpourri #12433 features a beautifully colored, swirled tufted satins tree.

Christmas Joy by Debbie Mumm #80014 features a Christmas tree applique with tufted satins.

Sensational Swirls by Danielle Pearson #21003 is a satin stitching and soft curves embroidery collection featuring the majority of the designs with tufted satins. It has trees, stars, bows, and lots of swirls. It can be stitched in any color combination and for many different types of projects. Optional colorways are included in the color chart.

Other collections are Divine Flowers & Vines #B1102, Embellished Borders & Corners #12398, Cats, Bats & Bones by Debbie Mumm #80012, and Retro Birds #21001 just to name a few. Take a look at all of the Tufted Satins collections we have to offer.

The tufted satins technique is a unique, dimensional effect created by cutting layered satin stitches. Try your hand at this easy technique!

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